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Do Protests drive Policy Changes?

A single action is better than no action at all. The sum of thought-out actions is the most effective way to reach the desired outcome. Are protests the ideal instruments for moving decision-makers to actions that favor a cause, mainly when they are accompanied by looting? Many protests have led to looting, which weakened their intent.

In my opinion, protests against black murders by police officers have not yielded any desired outcomes; so, I dare say they are not effective at this time due to the recurrence of these aggressions and murders. Earlier protests did not yield much impact on those who attribute merit and punishment.

We, as a community of concerned citizens about the abuses perpetrated on black people, need to come together and strategize about the most effective manner to voice not just our outrage and concerns but demonstrate the value and weight we bear in society when we unite. When issues arise, we all regroup and cry together, then time goes by, and the memory starts to fade away and life continues as usual. We are reactive, not proactive.

How many black sons and daughters should be killed before we change strategy and use our voices where they will have an impact. TVs, social media, and talk shows should be communication media to raise awareness but should not be the only solution.

Let's come together before a crisis and identify preventive measures and actions to take should a new incident occur. The wealthy in this community ought to lend their economic strength to get the right voices in the political arena: lobbying is permissible. Let the wealthy from our community bear the economic fight through empowerment and opportunities for our people. Let our community leaders drive changes through a strategy and concrete actions that will add value to our people and diminish the lengthy and numerous public outcries.

They heard us and have been hearing us all along; they are just not affected because we are not a threat passed looting and street protests. We do not have enough economic, political, or social powers to drive changes: that ought to be reversed. Changes and the considerations we ask people to give us, start from within our community and expand to an extended circle of supporters.

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