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EcoPoliticSocial Reflections:

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

By: Dr. Awa Touré Ndiaye & Abdoulaye Diallo

This blog shares our perspectives on global economic, political, and social affairs. We use self-reflection, analysis, and research to support our analysis.

Dans ce blog, nous intervenons dans nombre de domaines sociétaux, économiques, et politiques. Nos réflexions sont basées sur des analyses personnelles et recherches.

"If you want to improve your memory, lend someone money" (African Proverb).

Some people say that money governs the world and others opine that money plays a vital role in determining merit in society. It knows how to influence people negatively or positively, affect the distribution of goods and services, and impact societal betterment. In a world where money and power play a vital role in societal structures, issues are bound to happen. Control will inevitably come from those (nations or people) who look out for their interests first and possess the financial or human resources to influence others. Therefore, the world never goes without topics to discuss, debate, or inform its inhabitants. Sharing opinions is a great way to find solutions to issues that worry or excite citizens. Thus, this blog.

We invite you to leave a respectful and positive comment to contribute to resolving the issues that nag us or to find ways to exploit opportunities that contribute to societal betterment.

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